Don't Use Your CPNE as a VERY Expensive Practice Run!
Know You're Prepared With a Mock CPNE Check Off.

From: Sheri Taylor, MSN

Co-Owner of ATL Clinical Workshop and Best-Selling Author of "Care Plan Study Guide: How to Write Passing Care Plans For the CPNE"
Fear and anxiety of the unknown is one of the biggest reasons people fail the CPNE.  A mock check off, or a CPNE simulation, will not only familiarize you with what your actual testing weekend will be like but it’s also a chance to be tested on your CPNE readiness in a safe, low risk environment. 

This is not a teaching workshop
.  You should only come to a mock check off when you are as prepared as you can be.  Come to the mock with the mindset that this is your actual CPNE.  You will run through your testing requirements under the scrutinizing eye of an expert CPNE educator.

During your mock check off you'll be evaluated on...
  • Wound Station
  • IM/Sub Q Station
  • IV Secondary Medication Station
  • IV Push Station
  • Writing your GRID
  • Writing two priority care plans
  • Writing Narrative notes on your assignments
  • Writing your Evaluation for your primary care plan
You will also be evaluated on a PCS assignment to include:
At the end of your mock check off you will receive actionable feedback on any knowledge gaps you might have and where you need to fine tune your skills before your actual CPNE.  This is your time to make (and correct) mistakes, not when you’ve got $2,200 and your future RN career riding on the line.
6 Ways a Mock Check Off Will Help You Pass the CPNE
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by familiarizing yourself with what the CPNE will actually be like during your clinical weekend.
  • Practice time management in an environment that simulates the pressure and time constraints of your actual clinical.
  • Identify knowledge gaps so you can target your study time to overcome any weaknesses before you test.
  • Boost your confidence by knowing you have passed all the vital elements of the CPNE under the scrutinizing eye of an expert.
  • Get actionable feedback on how you can continue to improve your skills and how you should adjust your personal study plan to maximize your final practice time.
  • Save thousands of dollars by being thoroughly prepared for your CPNE before you go so you only have to pay for it once.
When and Where
When:  Mock check offs are held every Thursday of the month, excluding holidays.  There are a maximum of 4 students per mock day so you will have time to run through all of the important elements of the CPNE with one-on-one critiquing.  Mock check offs run from 10am-2pm.

Where:  ATL Clinical Workshop, 4470 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, STE 450, Atlanta, GA 30338.
What Others Are Saying...
Couldn't have passed without this workshop and the mocks with greg. My careplans were never questioned thanks to Sheri. Highly recommend this workshop in person or online.

Maggie Thacker, RN

Thank you, thank you, thank you... This was the best online workshop I could have ever taken. I also attended the mock with Sheri the day before my testing (It really felt like I was meeting a celebrity lol). I passed at Southern Regional on July 11-13 with no repeats of labs or PCS's : )

Diana Hudson, RN

Don't Think You're Prepared.  Know You're Prepared.

Are you ready to put your skills to the test?  Come see us in Atlanta and see how prepared you really are.

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