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Memorize your critical elements with these 25 mnemonics proven to boost your memory recall during the CPNE when the pressure is on.
  • Memorize CPNE critical elements the fast way so you can spend less time with your nose in a book and more time practicing
  • Save time completing your GRID during the CPNE with these ready-made memory aids (Every minute counts in the CPNE!)
  • Never skip a crucial step in your assessments by using these mnemonics as a mental checklist of things to do and in what order

Disclaimer: ATL Clinical Workshop is a private training company and is not affiliated with Excelsior College.    The purpose of our workshops is to prepare EC students to pass the CPNE and no college credit will be earned for attending either our online or hands-on workshop.

ATL Clinical Workshop @ 2015 - The Only Place You Need to be to Pass the CPNE
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